Mora Companion Knife

Mora Companion Knife

I’ll generally be a collapsing blade fellow on a fundamental level, yet as of late I’ve been on a settled sharp edge kick. I never thought they would speak to me, however I’ve come to acknowledge settled edges of every kind imaginable. Also, in a pleasant little fluke of symmetry, similarly as my energy about collapsing blades started with a moderate, European everyman’s blade, the settled cutting edge that opened my eyes is comparably reasonable, European, and populist: the Mora Companion knife.


The Mora Companion knife , and Mora all in all, has an entangled notoriety in the blade world. This confusion originates from Mora Companion knife crossing point with the bad-to-the-bone outdoorsman/survivalist/bushcrafter groups. Regardless of whether Mora Companion knife was intended for the sort of utilizations these folks put it through is vague (and Mora’s own writing regarding the matter is ambiguous), yet it has turned into a state of dispute among fans, who tend to think it is a basic apparatus or a sham of a knife.I moved toward this survey with no noteworthy outside experience, no past Mora encounters, and no settled cutting edge inclinations.

The Companion altogether awed me. I put this through a particularly wide exhibit of cutting tasks and it never hailed, never neglected to inspire me. This is a wonderfully basic instrument. It was a drive buy for me, and the best one I have ever constructed.


The Companion has a 4″ edge, a 4.5″ handle, and a general length of around 8.5″. It accompanies a plastic contact fit sheath. Consolidated, the blade and sheath weigh pretty much 4 oz. Like all Mora blades, the Companion is made in Mora, Sweden. The Companion is precisely the correct size for the kind of general outside assignments you would approach it to do.Mora has a close immaculate interpretation of the sloping edge here. One thing that is difficult to see in photos is the harmony amongst straight and bended edge. It may not seem as though it, but rather the edge is isolated, length-wise into equivalent segments of bended and straight edge. A few sharp edges support either yet here, the adjust is correct. Regardless of whether you’re cutting, move cutting, push – or pull-cutting, will have enough length of the edge you requirement for the employment. Splendid.

Steel is 12C27 – an extraordinary edge steel, particularly at the cost. There are a lot of advocates of the carbon steel Moras out there. I’m certain that the carbon steel is incredible, yet I loathe rust and I severely dislike worrying about my blades so I ran with the stainless. It’s kept somewhat delicate at 57-58 Rockwell, which is most likely great given that it may be squeezed into all the more requesting assignments.



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